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Canine Colostrum

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    Living Stream Canine Colostrum is manufactured to the same high standards as our Human Colostrum. It is a full fat complete top of the line Colostrum for your canine.  This all natural whole food supplement is 100% pure and gathered from USDA certified dairy farms. Living Stream Canine Colostrum will benefit your dog regardless of age, breed or diet.


    • Promotes Nutrient Absorption and Healthy Gut Function
    • Enhances a Healthy Glossy Coat
    • Improves Eye Clarity
    • Regenerates Cellular Repair and Accelerates Healing
    • Improves Immune System Support
    • Less Shedding
    • Regulates Blood Sugar
    • Encourages Colonization of Beneficial Bacteria in the Gut


    Whether your dog is battling a serious health concern or you just want to strengthen their immune system, Colostrum can make a huge difference in their overall health.

    The long-term benefits of Colostrum are definitely worth it, for the longevity of your Canine. Try sprinkling some on your pet's food and watch their eyes light up, they love the taste.



    Contains no gluten, no sugar, preservatives, artificial colors/flavoring or additives, no wheat/yeast and corn. GMO Free. This product contains natural ingredients; color variations are normal.
    *These statements have not been established by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.