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Living Stream Ovary Glandular supplement is a tissue concentrate processed utilizing a freeze dried method. A freeze dried process preserves a stable and more complete product. It contains a maximum of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients found in raw glands. Glandulars used in proper doses have not been found to be harmful to the body. 

During adolescence, the ovarian hormones promote the development of the characteristics that make a woman womanly; body curves, breasts, pubic hair, and so forth. In the developing and mature woman, a complex interaction of hormones from the pituitary, ovary, thyroid and uterus control the monthly cycle of ovulation, development and deterioration of the uterine lining and menstruation. At about the age of fifty, ovary function declines, and the woman loses her ability to reproduce. 

Proper function of the female glands is necessary for sexual satisfaction, fertility and relief of the symptoms of menopause. Poor nutrition is particularly likely to affect the sexual glands. If the diet is lacking, the sexual glands may receive less than they need, possibly leading to sexual or reproductive problems.

For Nutritional Support
  •  1 tablet for every 50 pounds of body weight  
  •  2  tablets for every 50 pounds of body weight       (Faster results )                        
  •  3 tablets for every 50  pounds of body weight       (Intensive use )  
  •  Or as directed by a health care provider
Contains no gluten, no sugar, preservatives, artificial colors/flavoring or additives, no wheat/yeast, corn or dairy. GMO Free. This product contains natural ingredients; color variations are normal. Country of origin ; Argentina/Bovine
*These statements have not been established by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.