Our Pets Are Priceless

As pet owners, we bond and become “best friends” with our pets. Our main objective is to insure our pet’s health, happiness, and optimum longevity.

Pet market trends have become a mirror-image to human nutrition. Primary pet health ingredients include immune/digestive health, geriatric health, weight management along with bone and joint health. As a responsible “pet parent,” it is important to take the initiative to assure your pet is receiving the proper ingredients for optimum health and longevity. 

Over 85% of the immune cells of your pet are located in the gut. What we feed our pets interacts with a significant part of the immune system. When your pet becomes stressed, there is a negative response to the immune system. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are shown to be symptomatic stresses of the GI tract .

These days, pets along with their human companions suffer from various digestive issues. All pets can benefit from taking high-quality supplements to fill in nutritional gaps. Clinical studies have proven Bovine Colostrum can heal the mucosal lining of the digestive tract,  preventing leakage of toxins. 

Bovine Colostrum for pets provides immune and nutritional support for puppies, kittens, adult canines and felines. As a whole food supplement, Bovine Colostrum, is completely safe, non-toxic and free from side effects. It is an excellent alternative to drug therapy and the use of antibiotics. Living Stream Canine/Feline Colostrum is 100% pure whole food. 


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My husband and I decided we wanted to add an addition to the family,

We wanted a female dog, with some training. We visited several pounds in Phoenix, found a boxer we liked, however we lost out in a lottery drawing.

We kept up our pursuit and found a Black Lab mix, Bella on Pet Finders.

Bella was dropped off at the pound, however she became so traumatized she quit eating. The pound decided she was not adoptable and scheduled Bella to be euthanized. She had two hours to live when Cat Nip and Tuck intervened and saved her life. They posted her bio on Pet Finders where I found her. I made the call and Bella found her forever home. 

Bella loved to chase her ball, however when she would bring it back it was covered in slime. We own a nutritional company and have been selling  Canine Colostrum for over 12  years. Colostrum is “Mother’s First Milk” containing 37 immune factors and 8 growth factors. I decided to sprinkle Colostrum on her food. She loved the Colostrum and the slime disappeared. Colostrum also helps with inflammation, gut issues, allergies, skin issues and much more… Bella started shedding and was loosing a lot of hair, what we discovered the Colostrum produced a shinny, soft, deeper black coat. Colostrum works with the skin fibroblasts and this is why the coat changed. We received such impressive results feeding Colostrum to Bella, we started sharing it with other pet parents. Bella is now featured on the label of our Living Stream Canine Colostrum.

We are truly blessed to have Bella, she stole our heart. What a tragedy if she had been euthanized.Support your Shelters, Adopt, and bring a canine to your forever home!

Bella is now 13 years old and everyday cannot wait to have her Canine Colostrum.

Hi my name is Bella, I was ADOPTED. This is my before and after photo from taking Colostrum.

    Before                    After 


Hi my name is Cleo, I was ADOPTED.

 Millions of dogs and cats are waiting in animal shelters for a loving  home.

                                ADOPT !         ADOPT !        ADOPT !