Vitamins and Minerals

Scientific research has proved that having a proper balance of  Vitamins and Minerals is critical to obtaining optimal health. Vitamins are essential building blocks to life. Minerals are vital to every living cell.  Minerals function as co-enzymes and enable the proper utilization of vitamins and other nutrients. It is important to keep in mind, that we take actions to regulate our pH and create an alkaline environment.  All diseases thrive in an acidic oxygen poor environment. The general pH of the human system must be alkaline. Organic Vitamins and Minerals added to your diet can offer beneficial results.

As the typical American diet is resulting in dangerous deficiencies, people are constantly requiring more nutrients to maintain good health, even though they appear to be adequately fed. Symptoms of nutritional deficiencies can include mental exhaustion, confusion, muscle weakness, anemia, nervousness and fatigue.