Pet Health

Pet market trends have become a mirror-image to human nutrition. Primary pet health ingredients include immune/digestive health, geriatric health, weight management along with bone and joint health. Living Stream Canine and Feline Colostrum pet health supplements are 100% pure whole food. 

Bovine Colostrum provides immune and nutritional support for puppies, kittens, adult canines and felines.  As a whole food supplement, Bovine Colostrum is completely safe, non-toxic and free from side effects.  It is an excellent alternative to drug therapy and the use of antibiotics. Bovine Colostrum supports “natural killer cell function.”  If your pet is battling an illness that requires a strong immune system, supplementation is a must.

The GI disorder found in dogs and cats usually will involve an inflammatory compromise of some kind.  Regardless of the cause, inflammation of the GI tract can interfere with nutrient absorption.  Strengthening the immune system naturally is the best defense against illness. When your pet becomes stressed, there is a negative response to the immune system. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are shown to be the most symptomatic of the GI tract in dogs.

All pets can benefit from taking high-quality Colostrum to fill in nutritional gaps.  As pet owners, we bond and become “best friends” with our pets.  Our main objective is to insure our pet’s health, happiness, and optimum longevity.