Pet Testimonies


Pet Testimonies


I am a firm believer that Colostrum is an awesome product not only for ME but also my cats. My testimony is about Stella and Coco, my two cats. "Stella" I would have to say that Stella is the sweetest and most adorable cat in the world. She is what I would call big boned, I just think that's a much better way of saying fat and a bit of a klutz, but when Stella has an issue she becomes very sad and pitiful. In the past Stella often ended up with a sore on her mouth from getting down into the bottom of her food bowl. I have always been able to treat it with ointment, until one day she developed a large growth instead of an open sore. Probably because I didn't see the open sore for a while and it went further than just a sore. Nothing seemed to help with this one. Jane had told me about the use of Colostrum externally. So I had had some great experience with this on cuts and so forth on people. So I thought I would give it a try on Stella. I took the powder and added a few drops of water to create a paste. Every day I would put it on this growth that was about half the size of a dime. It took about a week, and I can't say that I noticed it as it shrunk, but at the end of that week, it was completely gone and has never returned. To say the least I was quite surprised and THRILLED. I am also so sorry that I didn't take a photo of the growth. It was quite ugly and this worked great. "Coco" My oldest cat has always been quite thin. As she ages I think she is going blind a bit and her feet give out on her a lot.  I have given her colostrum consistently in the past year and noticed a great difference. But alas I ran out for about two months and didn't think it would make a difference. I noticed that she was starting to limp a lot more again and was always asking for food and she started to go out side of the litter box a LOT. I also learned that she has Hyperthyroidism, so the first thing I thought to do was talk to Ken and Jane. They both agreed that Colostrum could help with the hyperthyroidism and probably was indeed helping her before. With in a few days of starting her on it again she improved dramatically. With a bit of guidance she started to use the littler box again and seems much more content.  I think that the colostrum has helped her in many ways. I am so grateful as I was thinking that I would have to have her put down. For now she seems to be back in her stride. Thanks Jane, Larry and Ken. WE LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!


In the spring of 2011, our 15-year-old Basset Hound, Holly, started to show her age. She slowed way down, became very sedated and her food intake diminished greatly. We knew she was leaving us. We had her checked out by our Holistic veterinarian and she found that her blood was ‘sticky’ and not moving as it should amongst other age-related things. Because of our experience with our older basset, Elsie, the first thing we did was give her Living Stream Colostrum. Within 3 days, she was energetic and her appetite returned and she was dancing around the kitchen at meal times like she used to. About Elsie, our 17 year old Basset. Our previous vet diagnosed her with arthritis. After a few weeks of her being in pain, she collapsed. We took her immediately to the vet and he finally realized she had Lyme's and told us to put her down. Because of what we knew about Living Stream Colostrum , we refused. Like a lot of allopathics, he would not hear us when we tried to tell him about the Colostrum, and literally yelled at us for being cruel. We took her home and started her on the Colostrum as we should have weeks before and contacted this new vet we’d heard about. She came to see Elsie, and supported our decision about the Colostrum. Within a week she was over the Lyme. Unfortunately, because of the misdiagnosis of arthritis, her hips were too damaged to recover. However, we had her with us for another year and a half, pain free albeit unable to walk. Our new vet was always impressed by her good health in spite of not being able to walk. If we’d given her Colostrum before her collapse, we are confident that she would never have been crippled. Needless to say, we ourselves take Colostrum consistently now and appreciate our better health because of it!

F&S Malone


Tried Living Stream Canine Colostrum on my Westie and Cocker-Mix. After one week "Wow" they were both running around like puppies. I forgot to mention they are 11 and 12 years old. No more laying around the house for these two. Thank you.

Beth B. Litchfield Park, AZ.

I am so gratified at how your Colostrum product has enhanced my dog's quality of life that I just had to let you know. My dog Harley is a 12 year old German Sheppard mix that has slowed down quite a bit and appears to suffer from hip dyspepsia. With in a week of providing him your product he's become well... spunky again! Running, jumping, prancing and chasing rabbits, it's as if we've turned the clock back 5 years, your product is truly amazing. Harley and I can't thank you enough.

P.S Fradin


My 17 year old German Sheppard, Chow Mix Buddy suffers from Arthritis. He has had trouble walking and climbing the stairs. Canine Colostrum has improved his climbing the stairs of our two story house. He is able to go for walks again. Amazingly, it has helped eliminate his bad breath. I cannot thank you enough.

C. Bergeron



After only two weeks of supplementing our animals food with Canine Colostrum the condition of their coats was noticeably improved. Six months later there is no turning back. Full soft and oil free coats of fur are what my pets now enjoy and we could not be happier. Please take the time to research this product and then purchase it from J&L Nutri-Tech, Living Stream, your pets will thank you.




PUNKIN, my male cat, developed an extreme constipation problem off and on for several months before he became so bloated and blocked that he couldn't pass anything on his own and was in constant pain as he strained to pass anything.  After 2 visits to the vet's office where they just gave him enemas to unplug him, they sent me home with the enema equipment for me to continue myself in order to eliminate the mounting bill from the vet office visits.
Over the course of the next month, there were 24-hour "nurse" days where I had to give Punkin several enemas and even tweezer some of the heavily-hair-loaded feces that blocked passage of anything else.  During this time, I fed him the Feline Colostrum and also put canned pumpkin in the meat food -- all 3 of my cats loved the food with the Colostrum and pumpkin in it.  Finally, Punkin started clearing his large bowel movements by himself without any more enemas (thank goodness he did not develop a megacolon condition from this as he had bloated up with unexpelled feces expanding his abdomen during his first worst days).
Then I ran out of the Colostrum and the cats became picky again with the meat food, even with the pumpkin in it which they loved also, so now I have ordered the Colostrum again and the cats will be able to go back to eating their food "down to the last morsel" again.  Thank you for a great product!
N. Wright, Orange City, FL