So far so good.

I am seeing great results after a few weeks of taking these enzymes. Bloating and intestinal cramps are gone and I feel I am digesting food much better. I started with two a day which helped but when I went to three a day, as the bottle directs, I am now feeling great. Getting older has changed my digestive track so these enzymes are helping with all of it.

N. Jacobson

Always the best product and services

I’ve been ordering for quite some time and love the product quality and the fast service.

P. Lanemann


"Two weeks after starting the
Candi Clear I felt 15 again.
(just turned 40). I would order
your whole website if I could.
Will be a regular customer for life! 
MC Bowers "


 I found myself getting increasingly unable to perform many of the regular activities I had always done. In addition, I was frequently light-headed and almost dizzy. Finally, one afternoon while watching a football game, I remember saying that the light-headed feeling I was having at the moment wasn't like the rest and I hurried to sit down. About five minutes later, after collapsing unconsciously, I was revived  and was rushed to the hospital for tests and observation. Between the medical staff there and a hematologist I began seeing, it was determined that I have auto-immune hemolytic anemia.

I was immediately started on Prednisone, which had no effect on my numbers. Then it was Danazol. That didn't work either. As a result, the conversations began that I needed to have my spleen out or to consider a new chemotherapy drug to handle my disease. I prayed for another option.

With a lot of prayers for me, a friend heard about my situation and sent information about someone in AZ who observes blood samples and recommends pharmaceutical food supplements to target areas of the body to make them healthier so they can aid the body in healing itself. I called, booked a flight, was evaluated and given supplements which seemed best to fit my need and condition.

I am pleased to say that after faithfully taking the supplements, modifying my diet somewhat and being positive about life and the treatments I have received, I have avoided surgery, rejected the chemo and recently received the best blood test results in the four plus years since being diagnosed.

My medical doctor has signed off that the supplements are now a necessary part of my recovery and even though my insurance carrier will not cover the supplements, I am able to get them with pre-tax dollars, which results in a substantial savings, thanks to my doctor's recommendation.

I want to thank Jane and Larry at J&L Nutri-Tech for their continued care, concern, support and friendship. Family and friends are in agreement that the Lord led me to them and that with their help, I am alive and flourishing today. I am not totally out of the woods, but as my numbers improve, I have more and more opportunities to fight this disease and improve my red cell production giving more oxygen in my body to heal and provide energy and stamina.

I have encouraged many people I have met who are in difficult health situation to consider seeing Jane and Larry to see if there is a way they can help with their health and well-being as they have for me.

J. Hunt.

Just a brief testimonial on just of few of the healing miracles experienced by using Olive Leaf Extract. A few months ago, I was stung by a wasp and the finger became swollen and very painful. I used all the usual things that have helped before, but within three days my hand was swollen beyond the wrist and a sharp red line was working its way up my wrist.....uh oh....infection. I had exhausted all my personal healing methods, knew I was in trouble, and didn't want to go to the emergency room.

I found a bottle of "Living Stream" Olive Leaf Extract that I had ordered and forgotten about, so Googled it and was astounded by the information I found. I won't try to go into it here as you can Google it for yourself, but I can say that I was impressed by what I read about Olive Leaf Extract's effect on infection...be it bacterial or viral.

I took two capsules and saw a small change within two hours. I took two more in the afternoon, and saw a marked change in a couple of hours, so took two more before bed. The bottom line is that following that regimen for three days did the trick. The red line of infection was down to a pinpoint where I was stung and the awful swelling was almost gone. In five days my hand was totally normal.

I also avoided a visit to the dentist by using OLE for an abscessed tooth and it was fine in 24 hours.

My family reports great successes using Olive Leaf for any infection, and a friend who is HIV positive called to tell me of the astounding results he is having on two twice a day.

I almost forget to mention that a lot of my dark crusty age spots are going away. One large one that's been on my neck for many years is almost totally normal skin....this took a couple on months and was an unexpected gift as I had forgotten that I had read of the Extract's affect on aging skin.

Finally, I want to make two points....first, Google all the amazing things Olive Leaf has been proven to affect or cure...including dental, and second, know where your product comes from. 

I am well known to Jane and Larry, but because I am modestly well known to the public, I prefer to remain anonymous.



Thanks to J&L Nutri-Tech Services, and their focused protocol, a seventeen year history of irritable bowl syndrome has all but disappeared. Years of painful bloating, irregular bowel movements and the anxiety that comes with any digestive tract issue are gone. I cannot express how much better my life has been since my nutritional consultation and since I started using Living Stream Health Products. J&L Nutri-Tech has literally changed my life and for that I will be forever grateful and forever using their products.
Dr. M. Beyer, DC

Your Candi Clear changed my life! I was tired, got very sick, was CRAVING sugar all the time. After having a migrane headache for 8 straight days, my Chiropractor muscle tested me and found I had a build up of yeast in my system. Two weeks after starting the Candi Clear I felt 15 again. (just turned 40). I would order your whole website if I could. Will be a regular customer for life! 

MC Bowers

I just want to thank Living Stream for keeping me alive at a time when I was waiting for oral surgery with a severe systemic infection that was life threatening. During this three year period, the infection in my gums was so bad that I would mix the Colostrum and probiotic together and pack it around my gums at the site of the infection. I also took the B12, colostrum to internally  boost my immune system and nerves. I am so very grateful for the high quality of Living Streams’ products and Jane & Larry’s incredible knowledge, as these products truly did save my life and I know that I would not be here today without them. Thank you so very much Jane and Larry for the work you do.

Christine Taft


Living Stream
nutritionals came into my life at a time when my body was so out of balance and a mess from years of nutritional neglect. Jane & Larry put me on a program and I found the products to be very affordable for the incredible high quality I was getting. My body became stronger and more balanced. I love Living Streams’ products in how they’ve changed my life, I have so much more energy, I feel great and would recommend Living Stream’s products to everyone, and Jane & Larry really do care about their customers’ health.
Susan O’Connor